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5 Business Lessons from 10X Growth Con

The reason 10X Growth Conference came into existence was Grant wanted to help others succeed on a MASSIVE scale. Part of that included bringing on industry leaders to impart their wisdom. With that in mind, we compiled the most powerful business lessons from the 2023 conference — in case you missed it… 

5 Business Lessons from 10X Growth Con ANYONE Can Learn From…


1. Salary is capped at the role you do. Entrepreneurship is only capped by your ability to add value. 

“Shark Tank” star, Robert Herjavec, opened up the second day of 10X Growth Con. 

The audience favorite talked about his early life, career, and investing with Grant. However, his sage words on entrepreneurship stuck with us. 

So, the question becomes… 


2. The traditional world order is not going to be safe.

You don’t champion a male-dominated industry and manage a $60 BILLION fund without courage…


To no one’s surprise, she applies this to her investment strategies as well. 

Wood attributes her success to being able to change with the advancement of technology and the marketplace

Her business lessons to young investors are don’t rely on safe vehicles to stay safe forever and to take risks

3. Buy something that you would work on every day. 

They say that if you do something that you love, you never work a day in your life

UFC President and serial entrepreneur, Dana White, echoed a similar sentiment on Day 1 of 10X Growth Con 2023

During Grant Cardone’s interview with him, he asked White HOW he chooses his business ventures.

The mixed martial arts organization leader elaborated on how his belief in everything he backs has been his success formula….

Even if he has never been in that industry before. On that note, let’s move on to the next of our favorite business lessons… 

4. Energy and hunger trump experience.

You don’t necessarily need to have done something before to be successful at it….

At least, according to Kevin Turner, the youngest Chief Information Officer in Walmart’s history!

The record-breaker relayed the whole story to scaling expert Brandon Dawson. 

Turner began his career as a cashier at the giant retail chain….

He worked up the ranks…

And then, the legendary exec taught himself how to program. 

The interview was overflowing with nuggets of wisdom. But Dawson had a few of his own to share with the 10X Growth Con audience…. 

5. The more people you throw at a problem, the faster it gets solved. 

The last of the top business lessons from the 10X Growth Conference comes from our very own Brandon Dawson. 

The business growth specialist says that when you’re running into trouble, there’s power in numbers. 

After all, the whole reason you want to scale is so you don’t have to do it all yourself… 

Hungry for More 10X Business Lessons?

In summary, these were some of the standout business lessons from 10X Growth Con 2023. 

However, we have proven that is par for the course over our history — and we plan to do it again next year. 

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Keep learning and be great,

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