Brand Builder, Media Mogul

Hank is a modern day media mogul and has been creating TV and media stars for more than 25 years. Hank worked with more than a thousand of today’s top experts, personalities and celebrities – from Barbara Walters and Steve Harvey to Grant Cardone and Judge Jeanine Pirro. He helped launch cable networks like Oxygen, personality based networks like The Grant Cardone TV Network and daytime talk shows like “The View.” Hank is a TV Producer and Development executive by trade who became a brand builder, coach and entrepreneur. He left a cushy job as Director of Development and Syndication at ABC / Disney because he saw the writing on the wall. “Getting a TV show” ceased to be job – it became a necessity and there was no one helping personalities and talent make that transition. So Hank decided to make it his life’s work: help people get rich by helping them make a difference in the world. The more he helped TV personalities it became clear that, in today’s world, EVERYONE needs to know how to get attention and get paid using the media. And Hank can do that for you. You’re Welcome.