Elena Cardone, a true icon for the modern-day woman, is an entrepreneur and investor behind a billion-dollar empire and a leading superstar on the front covers of the most prestigious magazines in the world. Her passion is leading conversations and workshops designed to empower and connect ambitious women to fully thrive in every role they partake in during all stages of life. She hosts the popular podcast The Elena Cardone Show where she interviews women in power and touches on everything from business and entrepreneurship to marriage and parenting. In addition, she guest-hosts the G & E Show with her husband Grant Cardone, which reaches millions of people on social media on the topic of the business of marriage. Her bestselling book Build an Empire, based on her real-life, time-tested and proven principles, teaches both men and women how to build and defend an extraordinary marriage and career. Delving even deeper into those empire-building principles, her Build an Empire University is a full-scale program that shows people how to envision, create, and defend their personal empires while building the marriage and the business of their dreams.