Danelle Delgado
Elite Mentor, International Business Strategist, Training Expert
Danelle Delgado is a driven entrepreneur and a loving mother of 3. Born in South Eastern Colorado where she attests she got her hard working nature, as well as where her lofty ambitions were first discovered. At age 17 she was awarded the Denver Bronco Scholarship and traveled to Greeley, CO to attend the University of Northern Colorado where she gained two bachelors degrees and worked every extra hour she could for the Dean of the College of Business. Following College her desire to learn became even more intense and catapulted her into a speaking career. Everything she learned, she ensured was taught and passed on to the willing. And as the high and lows of life unfolded and she became a single mother of three, the need for her to advance became a necessity to provide for her family. She dove into personal-development and learning the ways, thoughts and practices of the successful and worked to put them into action in her own life. At age 29 she realized it all came down to having the right education and she spent months fighting her way in to align with with some of the world’s most renowned business success stories of all time and gained them as her personal mentors. After two years of high level learning with these mentors she had built some remarkable teams in business and had become an elite, skilled and highly awarded sales professional. Over the past 7 years she has built multiple six figure earning companies, done millions in sales and and even landed an appearance on NBC’s The Apprentice in 2012 as a top sales earner and guest judge on the show. She has worked diligently to become a household name in the business consulting industry where she thrives helping companies and independents implement her sales, marketing and customer service techniques to maximize results and build profit. In 2015 she launched her 4th company, a Live Training event platform called Life Intended, that has brought leaders such as: Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, Grant Cardone, 5 Time NY Times Best-Selling Author, Todd Stottlemyre, 3 X World Series Champion, and beyond to Colorado to speak right along side her and put Denver on the map as a prime training location for elites in Business. She now lives in Windsor, CO with her three amazing kids twins age 8, and oldest age 9 where she runs multiple successful businesses simultaneously and works relentlessly to transform the lives of every driven entrepreneur and business professional ready to stop playing small and achieve their greatest potential both personally and professionally. Danelle believes life is not about success, it is about significance…and she is determined to be an advancer of all souls aching to make their dreams realities.